Feb 27, 2010

Another CD I Have Played on

Along with 50 members of my church including Steve Bell & Larry Campbell we contributed to this work of art. The last Piece on the CD is a 20 minute 5 movement work I composed, arranged, performed all the instruments and recorded myself.
Beautiful Mercy

Launch is March 2nd McNally Robinson Booksellers (Grant Park, Winnipeg) 8pm

Feb 18, 2010

Zoom Q3 Handy Video Recorder

For years I have been making music videos. Not the MTV type, but where musicians are playing music on tape. I have not been happy with the sound as they are designed to get baby's first words they give music a very mid rangy overbite and the sound of the hand moving controls on the camera is louder than the subject being recorded.

Back in the day we had these huge cameras that took a full sized VHS tape. They were heavy and hardly convenient but you could pop the tape out of the camera and right into your tape player and watch it right away. They also had a nice feature...you could unplug the microphone and plug in a better mic or ever take a feed from a mixing board.

Today the tapes are smaller or not at all, they are now small 'palm' 'hand held' camcorders. No longer huge and bulky requiring a strong should but gone is the immediately watchable recording (unless you are moderately tech savvy) and gone is the ability to change the sound quality (without buying a commercial or 'pro-sumer' type outfit).

I was considering buying the latter or maybe one of the many portable digital recorders (Yes I have a gazillion dollars of recording gear but it is a lot to bring if you just want to do a 'report card' type of recording)

Then along comes the Zoom Q3 video and audio recorder for slightly more ($30) than a recorder alone.

  • Decent cost (around $300)
  • Above average stereo sound. While it is not the equal of closed miking it does a 1000% better job than  a consumer camera.
  • Very light
  • Very Portable
  • Works with any Tripod
  • Comes with a built in USB cable
  • Carrying case, 2GB sd card and a windsock included
  • Capable of expansion to a 32GB card but you get about ½ an hour recording per GB
  • Some zoom ability but still fixed focus
  • 3 level settings high, low and auto
  • Can be an audio alone recorder

  • The name. While there is some merit in calling a product exactly what it is calling your breakfast aborted chicken embryos instead of scrambbled eggs dosen't help the cause.
  • The handy USB cable is too short, while fine to hooking to a MacBook it is a male end and a port would serve better. For plugging into a serious machine like a PC you need to find a USB extension cable with both a male and a female pin
  • The colour. Minor I know but what is wrong with black or grey for equipment?
  • The recording format. For some reason they went with the proprietary Quicktime format instead the more useful Windows Media or the universal MPEG format. This makes editing a bit of a pain. Even with Quicktime pro the options are VERY limited compared to Windows movie maker.
  • The Q3 needs A LOT of light. Most of my club recordings are grainy
  • It eats batteries and while it still runs when the batteries are low the audio will fade in and out. So you need the AC adapter ($35)
 Over all I am very happy with it. There isn't anything out there to compare this too and given the price point someone will make a similar product with more features and a higher cost.

Here are a couple of vids I shot with the Q3

Feb 10, 2010

Former Students of Note

I have a healthy list of former students who are now very active musicians.
The most famous of which is Jon Gallant of Billy Talent 

I used to teach out of a music school in Streetsville Ontario Canada. As I taught Guitar, Bass and Drumset AND as I was seriously busy (not unlike now) I always knew that if a band made it out of that area one or more of the members would be former students of mine. Well one did but I was pretty unaware until I saw the band on Much Music but mentioning the name to current students was what really put the effect over the top. Some were impressed, some were not and some thought I was lying but EVERYONE of them had heard of the band (as I am sure you have).

Until Later

Winnipeg Music Lessons

Feb 6, 2010

A drum solo from last night

Instead of the percussion break in the middle of Funk #49 I take a solo. It starts off as being groovish but qickly goes free form

Feb 4, 2010

Playing a single Note

The guitar (along with a few other instruments) needs 2 things to happen just to make one note. Like brass and woodwind instruments which also need 2 things to happen, the guitar needs a finger to be placed and pressed in the right spot (not accounting for the mere 6 open string notes). The ‘other thing’ that needs to happen is the pick striking the right string (the right string deemed to be the one you already have put your left hand finger on) With a brass or woodwind instrument the other thing is blowing into the mouthpiece but there is only one of those on those instruments. With guitar there are usually 6 strings (which we need to find without looking).

Secondly the guitar has the distinction of giving the most difficult task (four fingers playing 6 strings over 12-22 frets = 288-528 combinations) to the left hand and the easier job (at least in flat pick style) moving 1 pick among 6 strings

I make playing a note on the guitar akin to opening a door. No matter how hard you pull on that door it won’t budge unless you have turned the knob all the way. In guitar the door pulling is the pick action and the knob turning is the left hand fingering. No matter how hard you pick nothing will sound unless the right pressure is applied with the left hand finger(s).

Until next time.


Feb 3, 2010

Once more unto the breach

I have tried blogging before and it either ends up banal or with victims in need of therapy. So I will attempt it again from a strictly educational viewpoint.

So I will blog about holding drumsticks or guitar picks, posture, tab w/e

Anyhow hopefully I will fine the balance point between  the banal & being gossip worthy