Dec 12, 2012

Wow nothing since June!!


I have written, but not here since June. Not like nothing's happened.

In the summer we went to NB and did a coupla impromptu porch concerts.  Got back and I chopped my left hand index finger with a new sharp ax but still had to play a bunch of gigs (solo guitar and duo's with voice) so quite the deal! But I will maybe one day write a piece on MacGyver type solutions for guitarists hands involving crazy glue, sand paper.

At the end of Sept I had my gall bladder out had to bail on 2 gigs and turn one down but that is it. As we live in the age of star trek medicine.

In anticipating the release of  my new CD and the recording of The Burton's CD I have fired up 2 new sites.

For my personal site I have created It is still a work in progress but it has a blahblog, some historical photos, music samples, videos events listings, CD store and will have more of my history, photography and whatever I can't seem to fit onto either or

Secondly is for the long standing group (15 years and counting) I have maintained with my lovely wife Adelle. It is also a work in progress but has events listed, videos, audio etc.

About the CD

The Left hand Compliment can be read about here and there is a link to buy as well as a sampler.

A brief article in a local paper can be found here.

New Guitar

As well I purchased a new guitar. A Giannini 7 string classical here are a couple of videos with it in used.
First is a single camera take of "A Simple Twist of Fate"
Second is a multi camera (I was trying out Sony Vegas Pro) of "More"
To much camera changing and too short on the fades.
The guitar is not for everything but is pretty mighty.

Ok that is it for now Hopefully I won't take as long next time

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