Apr 7, 2010

Godin Does it Again

It is no secret that I love Godin Guitars I currently have 3 and I recomend them regularly.

Currently I have amid priced acoustic (an S6) nothing special and fine for camping.

Along with that 2 out 3 of my main working axes are Godin.

1 is the nylon string Multiac SA

It combines the warm complex sound of a nylon string guitar (Masterfully reproduced with RMC pickups) and Roland GR Synth Access

The second is my xt SA

It Combines the same rich sound of an acoustic guitar (this time steel string) with electric gitar p/u's AND synth access!

Other guitars I gloat over are the fretless 6 string

The 11 String Fretless Glissentar

The 5 string fretless SA Bass

But I was blown away by thier new archtop series. Again they combine the elements of price good looks and play-a-bility.

Thew 5th Avenue Guitars are All Under $1,000!!

I sent my new Jazz student (a concert guitaist) towards these and he bought and loves the 2nd one (5th Avenue Kingpin)

Until next time

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