Apr 20, 2010

My Mother's Passing

As I ready old photos and some of my music for use in a memorial service I find myself pondering her influence on my music life.

She wasn't overly supportive but she wasn't overly negative either. We didn't have a lot of  money growing up so some free irregular guitar lessons in the churchbasement had to suffice. At somepoint she sold my guitar because 'I wasn't practicing enough' the real reason is we were broke. TO become the drummer I literally quit high school before graduating, left the house, moved to Calgary, got a job, bought drums, quit job, practiced drums and then returned east to start playing music.

But dating further back I realize that she had a very eclectic record collection. Not only that we were the only house that I can recollect actually having a modular stereo vs those enclosed ones that were disguised as furniture like they were ashamed of it.

My mom had George Shearing, Sarah Vaughan, Johnny Cash, James Last, Nana Mousqkouri etc. You get the idea. Add to that she liked more contemporary stuff, bought us stereos and radios. She even woke my older brother up to watch the Beatles on Ed Sullivan.

I had a friend who insited I needed someone to either encourage me in music so I could get some support or discourage me so I could rebel. I think I got what I needed.

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